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Safe and effective anaesthesia is provided for a wide variety of cases, from simple cases like circumcision, to liver resections and the historic "hand transplant" in a neonate. The range of age of patients being anaesthetised is also very large, from neonates to geriatric patients, the oldest being 95 years old.

Approximately 10,000 anaesthetics are administered annually; both general anaesthesia and regional anaesthesia techniques are used, and anaesthesia is provided for elective and emergency cases. Anaesthesia and sedation services are also provided in locations other than the main operating theaters, including the Radiology, Endoscopy and Dental suites.

The Department also runs a 12-bedded Intensive Care Unit, which looks after patients who are critically ill and need ventilation and intensive monitoring and management. The Unit is supported by a team of dedicated and well trained nurses, and each patient is under the joint care of the primary physician or surgeon and the intensive care specialist and dedicated medical officers who are on call for 24 hours.

Pain Management Services
Relief of acute pain, mainly post-operative pain is provided by the Acute Pain Service (APS). The APS uses a variety of techniques for pain control, including Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA), Epidural Analgesia, Spinal analgesia and nerve blocks. The APS provides a 24-hour service, with nurses and doctors doing regular ward rounds to ensure patients’ comfort and safety. About 1000 patients are managed by the APS every year.

The Chronic Pain Clinic started in July 2000 and is run twice weekly. Multidisciplinary assessment and management is provided for every patient by a team consisting of Anaesthetists specialising in Pain Medicine, Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists and Physiotherapists. The Menang Program - a cognitive behaviour therapy group program for patients with chronic pain conducted by an experienced team of doctors, clinical psychologists, physiotherapists and nurses is the only such program in the country.

The Department has ten Specialists and 18 Medical Officers who are supported by a team of nurses and medical assistants in all areas of work.

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