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This Department manages and provides secondary care to patients with skin diseases and Leprosy referred from Government polyclinic doctors, General Practitioners from Selayang and Gombak districts and other discipline in Hospital Selayang. Apart from outpatient and inpatient services, we also provide ambulatory dermatology services in surgical dermatology, allergy testing and phototherapy.


Mission, Vision & Objective


Strives to provide quality skin healthcare and upgrade skin care therapy.


We share the hospital vision in providing a caring professional and quality services.


Our motto is striving towards better Dermatology services within the hospital and in the peripheries through sharing of knowledge.

Dermatology Outpatient Care Clinic

New cases are reviewed by Staff nurse trained in Dermatology to be scheduled based on scheduling criteria.  Patient are registered half an hour before appointment time  except if patient is ill or the clinic room is free at that particular time. Patients are seen as scheduled in the appointment card using single queue multi server basis. Scheduled patients are reviewed initially by medical officers and then by the Dermatologist on the same day if necessary on

Tuesday 8 am to 1 pm

2pm to 5 pm
Thursday 8am to 1 pm

2pm to 5 pm
Friday 10am to 12.15pm
(Immunocompromised /Leprosy  Patients)

Dermatology Day Care Service

Cases are scheduled based on the discretion of the attending doctor.  Patients are registered in the Daycare centre and then reviewed initially by Day care staff and then by the Dermatology doctors.


8 am to 1 pm (Dermatosurgical procedures)

2pm to 5 pm (Patch test)


8am to 1 pm (Dermatosurgical procedures)

2pm to 5 pm (Patch test)

Friday 8am to 12.15pm (Patch test)

Services Offered & Achievement

Services Offered

Besides outpatient clinical and inpatient dermatology services, we also provide contact and photo contact allergy tests, localized and total body phototherapy, dermatosurgical procedures including skin biopsy, CO2 laser surgery, cryotherapy, chemical cautery, and parring and intralesional triamcinolone injection.

Community Service

As part of the upgrading Dermatology services in the peripheries, Selayang Dermatology staff with the aid of Ministry of Health, Malaysia has produced several books and leaflets for all staff to refer to when managing patients with skin diseases. We have also assisted other agencies in producing medical & non-medical books.

The department has embarked on training primary care providers in Selangor since 2004. We have extended the training to states with no resident Dermatologist like Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan, Terengganu and Sabah since 2006. Dermatology primary care training was offered to housemen from 2010 to 2012. Since 2012, the new training module is on contact and occupational dermatoses.




Clinic & Department Information :

We provide contact and photocontact allergy tests; dermatosurgical procedures e.g. skin biopsy, cryotherapy, chemical cautery, paring and intralesional triamcinolone injection; localized and total body phototherapy.
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