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Palliative Care is clearly defined by the World Health Organization as an approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing problems associated with life-theratening illness through the prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification and impeccable assessment and treatment of pain and other problems, physical, psychosocial and spiritual.


Mission,Vision and Objective

Providing palliative care to all who are in need


  • To achieve universal pain and symptom relief in all cancer patients
  • To achieve pain and symptom relief in non-cancerous life threatening conditions
  • To create unified effort by all healthcare providers to ensure holistic and comprehensive palliative care throughout the country providing a support system for patients wherever they may be
  • To promote universal understanding on end-of -life issues maintaining the ethical principles of medicine while upholding human dignity


  • To provide comfort and relief of distressing physical symptoms related to advanced and incurable progressive life threatening conditions
  • To provide supoort to patients and family members facing psychosocial and spiritual issues realted to incurable progressive life threatening conditions
  • To prevent and minimize suffering by early identification, impeccable assessment and prompt intervention of physical,psychosocial and spiritual problems related to incurable progressive life thereatening conditions
  • To promote understanding and respect towards patients at the end of life and to prevent unnecessary and futile interventions in order to allow a peaceful and dignified death
  • To promote education in the field of palliative care for both health care and non-health care professionals

Services Offered

1)Inpatient Care

The department of Palliative Care has a 12 bedded Palliative Care ward (Ward 4C) located at level 4 in Hospital Selayang.The unit provides 24 hours in-patient care for our patients.Apart from this, consultative palliative care is also provided in all wards throughout Hospital Selayang

 2)Outpatient Clinic

The outpatient palliative care clinic is run every Friday morning where stable patients are followed up and reviewed. There is also a visiting oncologist clinic held on Tuesday afternoon which caters to only internal referrals of cancer patients in Hospital Selayang.

 3)Palliative Care Walk In Services

The unit also provide a Walk-In Outpatient service for known Palliative Care patients during office hours directly to our ward.This service was started with an intent to allow better access for our patients to seek immediate Medical attention when necessary whilst preventing long waiting time in the Outpatient or Emergency Department.

 4)Palliative Care Day Care Services

Psychological and spiritual needs are also very important in Palliative Care and to achieve this,the unit has developed a fun filled,interactive and soulful activities in our Day Care (located in Ward 4C) for the inpatients.The Day care services is open to the inpatients (at present) and is held every Thurday mornings.The activities conducted include art,handicraft making and painting,fun filled games,singing and physiotherapy with interactive music.The Day Care activity also encourages patients to interact amongst each other to share their experiences as well as enhance the bond with their family members.The Day Care service is in close collaboration with Kasih Hospice(a Non Governmental Organization)

 5)Subspecialty Training Center

Since 2005 Palliative Medicine has become a recognised medical subspecialty in the Ministry of Health. The Palliative Care Unit in Hospital Selayang therefore serves as one of the main training centres for the subspecialty of Palliative Medicine.

Clinic,Ward and Department Information and Location




Inpatient Care Ward 4C,Level 4

24 hours

Outpatient Clinic Specialist Clinic,Level 4


Walk In Services Ward 4C,Level 4

Monday- Friday

Palliative Day Care Services Ward 4C,Level 4


Oncology Clinic Specialist Clinic,Level 4

2pm - 4pm

Palliative Chemo Services Day Care Chemo center

8am- 12noon


As one of the main centres for palliative medicine in the country, the unit has an active role to conduct research and promote best practices in the field of palliative medicine for Malaysia. Wth the assistance of the Clinical Research Centre in the MOH, the unit aims to conduct more research in areas related to palliative care which are pertinent to improving the development and quality of palliative care practices in the country.

 Palliative Care Ward


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