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The General Surgical Department of Selayang Hospital functions as a secondary referral centre for General Surgery and Burns. It also serves as a tertiary referral centre for Colorectal and Gastrointestinal pathologies.

The Department is run by 5 Consultant Surgeons with 6 other Surgeons at various levels of seniority.

The vision of the Department is to give effective and efficient service, emphasizing patient comfort and incorporates the usage of Information Technology.


The Department manages patients with various disorders related to Colorectal, Upper Gastrointestinal, Breast, Thyroid, Hernias, Burns and vascular pathologies. We also provide emergency services mainly encompassing Gastrointestinal and trauma casualties. Surgical assistance is provided for patients with End stage renal failure [ESRF] in terms of peritoneal dialysis.

Outpatient services cater for referrals and are conducted three times a week. The clinics are located at level 4 where there are 10 Doctors’ consultation rooms, a procedure room and a treatment area. In the year 2007, a total of 11 934 patients were treated at the clinic.

A 28 bedded ward for adult inpatients is located at level 4 [4A for females and 4B for males]. Children admission ward is in ward 8C while first class and full paying patients facilities is also available.

The scheduled Surgeries are performed in the main operation suites four days a week with a total of 6 operating sessions. The most common surgeries performed are Gastrointestinal, Breast and Thyroid malignancies, Hernias and Laparosopic procedures.

Day care Surgical services under Local Anesthesia are provided once a week. Inguinal hernia repairs are regularly performed here.

Endoscopy services are offered within the daycare complex and cater for patients requiring upper & lower Endoscopy which are both diagnostic and therapeutic in nature.


The Burns unit was started on 15/01/04 . Adult burns of various degree of severity are treated at our unit.


Academic and clinical case discussions are held on a regular basis.

Within the department, weekly medical education sessions are conducted with House Officers and Medical Officers which covers various topics of interest. Case discussions are held with the Imaging Department once every fortnight and with the Pathology Department once every two months.

At the Hospital level, the Specialists are actively involved in the Continuous Medical Education sessions.

Similarly, the nursing staff conduct their own medical education.

Annually, the Department organizes a series of seminars such as wound management, stoma care, colorectal workshops and surgical skills workshop.


The Department is recognized by the Ministry of Health as a training centre for Colorectal subspecialty services. Our facilities include Endoscopic services, Colorectal laboratory [Manometry, Endorectal Ultrasound, Biofeedback etc] and Surgeries. Currently we have 3 trainees while another Surgeon is in Australia completing his fellowship.

We also have Consultant Surgeons trained in the Subspecialty of Upper Gastrointestinal as well as Breast Surgery.

Training of Surgeons and medical officers:

We have 3 Surgeons who are undergoing the General Surgical gazzetment programme while 6 Medical Officers are attached to our Department for the general Surgical Masters training.

We are also a training centre for House officers.

Counselling and patient education room

The above named room was opened on 1st March 2008 in Ward 4A. It’s purpose is to educate patients undergoing cancer treatment. This was due to the fact that we are seeing an increasing number of patients with cancer.

It is open every Tuesday and Thursday, from 2 to 4 pm.

We offer advise on stoma and wound care.


The Department is currently involved together with the Clinical Research Centre[CRC] in conducting an audit on Colorectal Cancer.

We are also actively involved in presenting Papers and posters at various local conferences.

Future Direction:

The Department hopes to develop as a centre for Gastrointestinal Surgeries with competent and trained personnel.

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